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THE 42 – Nature's Artistry Paired With Our Own

The Glenrothes Journals

THE 42 – Nature's Artistry Paired With Our Own

5 mins
The 42 on a colourful, sandy background.

We, humans, have always been obsessed with colour. Colour has long been our tool of creation; the paintbrush of our imagination. Paint itself is one of the oldest mediums in the world, our preferred path of expression for millennia. The most aged paints were made from landscapes: earth, rock, sand, and even flowers from the field. The process of transforming nature into pigment was a painstaking task, but our artist ancestors knew was worth the wait; the chance to capture a moment, freeze time, and render a new creation.

The 42 is our new creation. Our vibrant masterpiece. Forged, like the world’s oldest art, from the vivid landscape of our Highland Home, The Glenrothes Estate.

It began as crystal-clear spring water, bubbling up from the belly of the earth and filtered through millions of years of rock. Through craft, care and patient distillation it became lustrous newmake spirit – crisp, light, fruity – the perfect canvas.

Over 42 springs, 42 summers, 42 autumns and 42 winters, this whisky quietly rested in four exceptional casks in the cradle of our Estate. It evolved as the landscape around it changed – in the fields tender green shoots were swallowed by raging yellow gorse; the leaves of our woods turning from waxy emerald to curls of copper; summer’s sapphire skies shrouded by winter’s silver cloak.

Over 504 months the shades and tones of our whisky became a kaleidoscope of fragrance and flavour: scents of sun-ripened apricots, orange peel and sugared almonds swirl with notes of coriander seed, nutmeg and a hint of fresh cedar wood; the taste of honeycomb and brown sugar blends luxuriously with creamy vanilla and toasted almonds; a final fare of light oak and orange oil leads to a velvety and lingering finish.

It is nature’s artistry paired with our own. A picture of the land from which it was forged. Our bright and beguiling creation. The 42.

The 42